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Shyam Mehta

Shyam has been practising yoga since 1957 and been teaching yoga since 1973.
He had a Christian upbringing, in England.
At Cambridge University he became interested in yoga philosophy and Hinduism.
Later he gave up his Hindu sacred thread in order to fully devote his life to helping all nice people become happy.
He has had a variety of religious experiences in his life and worships God almost every moment of his waking hours.

Eight Sacred Texts of India, The

Aperfeiçoamento de Sua Esfera de Energia Física

Indian Philosophy and Religion

Filosofia Índia e Religião

Perfectionnement de votre champ d'énergie émotionnelle, Le

La Historia del Mundo

History of the World, The

What Men Should Know About Christian Women

Philosophie occidentale, La

Filosofia Ocidental

Spiritual and Religious Journey

Your Self and Mind

Vollendung Ihres Liebe Energiebereich

Il Perfezionamento della vostra sfera di energia emozionale

A Man's Guide to Developing Love and Happiness

People with no Clothes


Vollendung Ihres geistiges Energiebereich

La filosofia occidentale


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