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Perfecting Your Sexual Energy Sphere

Mehta, Shyam - Perfecting Your Sexual Energy Sphere

«Today, there is much talked about and much seen in relation to sex, but very little action. A hundred years ago, parents had ten children, today people are typically single or divorced. If they are unlucky enough to be married, they are busy and certainly too busy or too annoyed with each other to have nice daily sexual activity. The only exceptions are newly weds. A couple, not necessarily who have had a church wedding, but those who have recently got together. Only newly weds are happy. This is not because newly weds are nicer than all other people but because of something else.

Mostly, people are bored: what you see on television is so far distant from your experience, but is so intruding that you have switched off.

Sexual energy is your primary energy. It is the single energy that is common to all living beings. Without daily direct experience, you lose your creative drive. You lose the joy of living, you become "stuck in a rut". Try it and see for yourself.

One day, spend a few hours doing some work and then observe the freshness, or other lack of it, in your mind. Next, enjoy yourself. Next, do some more work. You will find that you have a zest, new ideas, and new energy, for doing this work.

This book explains to you the science behind sexual activity: why it is needed, what goes wrong, and how concretely you can set about sorting yourself out.

Do you want to be happy or not? »

Editeur :
Langue : Anglais
Famille & Education

ISBN: 1412151635

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