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Perfecting Your Emotional Energy Sphere

Mehta, Shyam - Perfecting Your Emotional Energy Sphere

«Nowadays, we have extremes. Some of us have no emotions and behave like an efficient machine. Others are highly strung: any significant upset could cause them to have a nervous breakdown.

Efficient machines are useful. But they too sometimes breakdown. It needs rather more of a shock than for those who are highly strung. With such a big shock, the machine breaks down irretrievably, whereas for the highly strung person, the breakdown can be temporary.

But, human living is not about being a machine. There is sunshine and there is love and there is anger and so forth. These things in the world are there to be experienced. Suppressing your emotions means that you never experience joy. Is this what you want?

Being highly strung is hugely damaging for your health. Your nerves are constantly on edge. In this world, there is huge stress. Even if you are not highly strung, you have too much stress.

In this book, I explain what are the 45 emotions that you may suffer from. Suppressed emotionality is one of these difficulties that many of us have. So most people in the world, the "efficient machines", suffer from one specific emotional difficulty. Others suffer from one of the other 44. These emotional troubles of yours are not fixed. They are not in your genes or your DNA. You have had life difficulties and have learnt to adjust as best you can. However, life is also not fixed. There are more things that you can learn, more ways to adjust and adapt.

You are not a machine. You are not a type. Sometimes you may be extroverted, sometimes you may be introverted. It is not useful to characterize yourself with a specific "personality type". You are you. Sometimes angry, sometimes sad etc... It is natural and part of living.

The main focus of this book is how, once you identify what is the main emotional difficulty that you suffer from at present, you can set about fixing it. »

Editeur :
Langue : Anglais
Faits Réels

ISBN: 1412151643

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