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Perfecting Your Physical Energy Sphere

Mehta, Shyam - Perfecting Your Physical Energy Sphere

You are not as healthy as you think you are. In your parents' day, they basically led natural lives and they did active work. The food was natural, the water was natural, the air was fresh during the crucial formative years up to age 15. Now, food is artificial and impacted by pesticides and chemicals. The water is recycled refuse. You sit in an office all day in front of the computer. You are injected every now and again with hugely powerful modern drugs. These drugs have effects that scientists will only discover 20 years after you have been taking them. They destroy your immune system, they step-by-step destroy your nervous system. You go to hospital and get 'fixed'. Unless you catch an ever more powerful virus during your stay in hospital. All of these things mean that just because your parents lived healthily up to age 70 or 90, you will not. The man in the street, maybe you, does not realize that stress is the number one reason for ill health in old age. Combined with you, during your formative years up to age 15, having been impacted by modern pollution means that you are not nearly as healthy as you think. As with most things in the modern world, the truth is hidden by advertising, by the artificial face that does not tell you that the person you are with is troubled, by the pills you take to remedy symptoms that mean you do not know what is really going wrong. By the dental floss that damages your gums. Sportsmen undertake vigorous exercise and you may think that this is healthy. It is not. A few years later they retire. In the old days, in your parents' time, they may well have subsequently lived to a ripe old age despite their injuries. You are not healthy and therefore if you undertake vigorous exercise, you are damaging your health even more. Even if you do not read or buy this book the author urges you to do two things. Take your children away from modern living as much as possible and eliminate all unnecessary stress in your life. He dismisses Western fads and fancies as to what natural living means. He explains what it really involves but states that this is only important when (not if) you fall ill, not before.

Editeur :
Langue : Anglais
Santé, Médecine & Psychologie

ISBN: 1412151678

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