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Spiritual and Religious Journey

Mehta, Shyam - Spiritual and Religious Journey

«The author believes that a religious journey is not about finding God. It is about helping nice people to be happy.

You need to start with yourself: lead a normal life, sort out what you are going to be doing with your life, deal with all the issues that everyone needs to do, marry, have children and so forth.

As you gain experience and think things over quietly, over time you become ready to help people. You need in your life to develop strong ethical principles.

In contrast to this, what happens in practice? A nice young man or a nice young woman goes to a church, or goes to a temple, or becomes associated with some "ashram" and loses his or her way. He or she spends his or her life dreaming, chanting, wishing things were different and so forth. Someone who started with good intentions achieves nothing. Do you want advice from someone who spends his time chanting, rather than from someone who has been through life and experienced what ordinary people experience? What money or other tangible benefit can this person give you? God created normal people so that they could lead normal lives. This is the religious journey. In this book, the author sets out all the information that he believes a normal nice person needs to proceed on this religious journey.

About he author

Shyam has been practising yoga since 1957 and been teaching yoga since 1973.

He had a Christian upbringing, in England. At Cambridge University he became interested in yoga philosophy and Hinduism. Later he gave up his Hindu sacred thread in order to fully devote his life to helping all nice people become happy. He has had a variety of religious experiences in his life and worships God almost every moment of his waking hours. »

Editeur :
Langue : Anglais
Amélioration de soi & Relation personel

ISBN: 1412152062

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