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Western Philosophy

Mehta, Shyam - Western Philosophy

«I have written the following 14 books: A Man's Guide to Developing Love and Happiness I show both men and women that you can lead a happier life, a more peaceful life, than you think. Indian Philosophy and Religion Indian philosophy is to do with helping you achieve your purpose in life. Perfecting Your Emotional Energy Sphere You need to tackle the root cause, the single emotional disease that is adversely impacting you.»

Editeur :
Langue : Anglais
Philosophie & Essais

ISBN: 1412152070

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Commentaires de lecteurs :

A. I was expecting 1000 pages with a long complicated involved discussion. I got the opposite. It seems that, of the two leading philosophers of the West, Socrates and Plato, Socrates never wrote a single work of philosophy and Plato stole his single central idea from India. The author demolishes the whole of Western philosophy.

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