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A Man's Guide to Developing Love and Happiness

Mehta, Shyam - A Man's Guide to Developing Love and Happiness

«Man needs to wake up and be real. This is what the author believes. Mostly, men drift through life focused on work and nothing much else. They have a reverse 'Smiley' on their face. Take a look at the next man you meet on the street and see which way his 'Smiley' is. When young maybe it is not too bad. But the years ago by and all you do is make money and more money. Or, in some cases, you do not have a job and you become miserable and more miserable.

Or, even worse, you get married. For a couple of weeks you enjoy yourself. For the first one month it is not too bad. It goes downhill all the way for the next four years. At the end of four years you are either separated or you do what the wife says and come home and say "yes dear".

My charity is about developing love and happiness for both men and women. Today, this progress does not happen. One becomes set in one's ways and loses charm, creativity and fun.

Your life is up to you. You are a man. It is not up to me to give you advice. But, I share with you my own experiences and my own thoughts on many different topics of concretely how you might be able to break the chain of work, tiredness, and being miserable. And the trouble is, because you are overworked and tired, you do not know what you are missing. Or, you do not have a job and think that therefore it is inevitable to be unhappy.

A man needs a woman, and a woman needs a man. But, it is not so simple. Arguments develop. Financial issues arise. Practical things that really spoil the potential for happiness. So, in this book I look at the practical things that you can do to develop love and happiness in your life.

About he author

Shyam has been practising yoga since 1957 and been teaching yoga since 1973.

He had a Christian upbringing, in England. At Cambridge University he became interested in yoga philosophy and Hinduism. Later he gave up his Hindu sacred thread in order to fully devote his life to helping all nice people become happy. He has had a variety of religious experiences in his life and worships God almost every moment of his waking hours. »

Editeur :
Langue : Anglais

ISBN: 1412152100

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