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History of Phoenicia

Rawlinson, George - History of Phoenicia

Another classic converted by

«Histories of Phœnicia or of the Phœnicians were written towards the middle of the present century by Movers and Kenrick. The elaborate work of the former writer[1] collected into five moderate-sized volumes all the notices that classical antiquity had preserved of the Religion, History, Commerce, Art, &c., of this celebrated and interesting nation. Kenrick, making a free use of the stores of knowledge thus accumulated, added to them much information derived from modern research, and was content to give to the world in a single volume of small size,[2] very scantily illustrated, the ascertained results of criticism and inquiry on the subject of the Phœnicians up to his own day.»

Editeur :
Langue : Anglais - 432 pages - Contient un index

ISBN (ePub): 1-4121-6439-7

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