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Historical Nights' Entertainment, The

Sabatini, Rafael - Historical Nights' Entertainment, The

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«In approaching «The Historical Nights' Entertainment» I set myself the task of reconstructing, in the fullest possible detail and with all the colour available from surviving records, a group of more or less famous events. I would select for my purpose those which were in themselves bizarre and resulting from the interplay of human passions, and whilst relating each of these events in the form of a story, I would compel that story scrupulously to follow the actual, recorded facts without owing anything to fiction, and I would draw upon my imagination, if at all, merely as one might employ colour to fill in the outlines which history leaves grey, taking care that my colour should be as true to nature as possible.»

Editeur :
Langue : Anglais - 334 pages - Contient un index
Action & Aventure

ISBN (ePub): 1-4121-8913-6

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Achetez ce livre au format ePub

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